Game Description:

Take on the role of a lone sniper in the City Siege universe and save SNAFU Island from the Baddies.- Throw stones to distract the Baddies and allow the Civilians to escape before going to town with your heavy weapons for some massive combos- Take Cover to avoid enemy fire- Purchase and upgrade 9 different weapons, ranging from Sniper Rifles and Machine Guns to Rocket Launchers, Cluster Bombs and Molotovs- Call in Air Strikes and Nepalm Strikes- 25 levels set on various parts of SNAFU Island, beaches, jungles, volcanos, favela etc.- Take all your weapons in to each level, you decide how to take out the Baddies- Maximum Destruction, as you would expect from a City Siege gameCity Siege Sniper takes City Siege and combines it with Sieger, a bit of Ghost Recon Future Soldier and throws in a few puzzle elements as well.

Game Instructions:

Use the mouse to navigate shop and upgrade menus.Arrow Keys to scroll levels, hold space to take cover and change weapons.Mouse to Aim and Shoot.Quickly change weapons with the + and – keys.

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Published | 18/03/2022

Game Category: Action

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