Game Description:

You came to abandoned toy factory to findmysterious Poppy Doll. You have 5 days. Watch out for Huggy Wuggy!He can hear you, always! Try to stay as quiet as you can!In order to get that doll, you have to find specific items that will help you unlockthe box, where she's being kept. Also, you can chose the shooter mode and get yourrevenge on that mean Huggy Wuggy. Choice is yours!Good Luck!

Game Instructions:

Controls:* Escape Controls:W,A,S,D to MoveF to Interact/Hide/Use ItemG to Drop ItemT to UnhideEscape to PauseC to Crouch* Shooter Controls:W A S D to walk aroundMouse to Look aroundLeft Mouse Button to FireRight Mouse Button to AimMouse Wheel To Change WeaponsG for GrenadesR to ReloadF to Pickup ItemsLeft Shift to RunLeft CTRL to CrouchX to ProneV to MeleeSpace to Jump

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Published | 18/03/2022

Game Category: Action

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