Gloom: Gargoyle

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Gloom: gargoyle is a magical, 1-player, 3rd-person perspective game.
The game is the 1st act of the game "Gloom" and consists of 3 beautiful and magical locations. For walkthroughs use
magical abilities: a fiery aura that absorbs your manna and illuminates the space around you, the aura of time,
which speeds up the game time, so that you move faster, as well as an aura of magic, which consumes your life force to replenish mana reserves.
To progress through the game, you need to go through 2 magical dungeons and find divine artifacts there.
Good luck with the game and have fun!

*WASD* = move
*Shift* = walking
*Space* = jump
*Left Mouse Button* = action
*1* = fiery aura
*2* = the aura of time
*3* = aura of magic


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