Push Puzzle Rescue Adventure

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With easy gameplay, as pushing the buttons, try to move, slide and destroy objects, solve the puzzles and rescue the adorable creatures

The captivating story of Push Puzzle
Sara, a young veterinarian inherits a Rescue center from her uncle, but soon finds out it has no animals in it. All the animals are scattered around and she has to find them and bring them to the care center. She decides to move and push her limits to help rescue all the animals, but she, more than anything, needs one more brave push, and that is your help.
Push, move and destroy objects, collect keys, open doors and make your way to the cute animals. Complete levels in Push Puzzle: Rescue Adventure fast and use the stars you win to populate curated albums with special stickers.

Use arrows or click on the field to move

PUSH objects like rocks and garbage cans to free your way to the animals.
FIND the path to the key and open the door but beware of ground vines.
COLLECT stars by beating puzzle levels in as few moves as possible.
FILL your albums with beautiful and interesting stickers and pictures.

Can you find the best move for positioning objects and the best solution in this spatial puzzle?
Moving objects has never been more challenging. Push, move and save to win.